Relish Your Meals With Quality Dinnerware

Add a touch of elegance to your dining experience

Aindrisha Mitra Published Nov 2, 2020 23:33:36 IST
Relish Your Meals With Quality Dinnerware Source: Shutterstock

When you sit down for a meal, the dinnerware your food is served in is one of the first things that meet the eye. Choosing the right dinnerware is an important task—it is an item you will use on an everyday basis, as well as when you entertain friends and family.

Dinnerware consists of a range of dishes, from basic bowls and plates to specialized dishes that are meant for specific courses. A starter dinner set usually comprises 11- or 12-inch dinner plates, which can either be rim- or coupe-shaped. Typically it also includes bowls, cups and salad plates. Depending on the size of the setting, other dishes such as platters, butter dishes, gravy boats can be a part of your dinnerware as well. 

Options to choose from

If you are looking for elegance and strength in a dinner set, bone china is your best bet. You can also opt for a porcelain dinner set, which is just as sturdy, more affordable but slightly heavier in construction than bone china. Stoneware and earthenware also make for colourful, more affordable options that you can add to your mealtime. But they are more prone to chips and scratches. Melamine is another cost-effective option.

A pristine white dinner set is a classic choice and works well across occasions. Dinnerware can also be mixed and matched with different pieces and table settings. For a formal setting, it is best to stick to one pattern or colour for different courses, but a more casual setting allows for more variety and play of colours and patterns. 

Factors to consider

While picking out a pattern or design you love is great, but you’d do well to consider factors such as durability and weight. Decide whether you want to put your dinnerware to regular use or if the set is meant only for special occasions. Be careful while handling your dinnerware as a minor scratch can ruin your set. Most dinnerware these days are microwave- and dishwasher-safe unless they come with metallic ornamentation.  


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