Ready For The Sun

You can’t escape summer, but you can make your home look cool and comfortable with softer hues

Ridhi Kale Updated: May 17, 2019 10:43:56 IST
Ready For The Sun

Curtains that breathe

With the harsh Indian summer knocking at their window, homeowners need to make their homes light and non-oppressive. “Opt for cottons and sheers and regulate the glaring heat and light by layering windows with wooden or bamboo blinds,” says architect Sunita Nair of Studio Amaya. Special window and glass treatments, such as insulation, double-panes, tints and strong seals along the frames can go a long way in reducing heat infiltration and controlling high energy bills.

Cooling colours

“Soft tones such as pastel blues and coral greens interspersed with pops of bright, vibrant colours like pink, orange or yellow work well,” says Piyush Raj, CEO of Mumbai-based interior design and architecture firm Pinakin. Another option is to combine blues, whites, creams, greys, olives and beige tones. “Shift from warm tones to coo-ler ones. Blues and minty limes are the hues for the season,” he says.

Prints and patterns

When it comes to furniture, bright, floral and tribal themes work best to convey a summer mood. However, do not go overboard as using too much colour or filling the room with a lot of furniture is jarring to the eye. Out with heavy silks, chenilles and velvets.Switch to cool fabrics like cotton, linen and jute. “Use removable slipcovers over sofa and chairs or bright decorative throws to bring bursts of colour and brightness,”says Raj.

Keep floor covers minimal

“Replace woollen carpets with lighter cotton dhurries,” Nair says. Heavy carpets attract dust, are a huge load on the air conditioning and create a feeling of warmth. Area rugs made from eco-friendly materials like hemp, jute and bamboo are ideal.


Previously published in India Today home Magazine, April 2015

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