Make You Own Cocktail With Ready-To-Use Mixers

Easy to use and store, these mixers can help you make a mocktail or cocktail in little time

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Jan 12, 2021 21:07:54 IST
Make You Own Cocktail With Ready-To-Use Mixers Photo: Shutterstock

You want to enjoy your favourite cocktail at home but don't want to make it from scratch? You have friends coming over for a party and you want to surprise them with some cool drinks? A cocktail mixer can help you make your Cosmopolitan or Bloody Mary in no time, and could possibly earn you some brownie points from your friends as well. 

These mixers are usually non-alcoholic and you can use them to make mocktails too. All you need to do is just add them to the drink of your choice, stir the mix well and add a few ice-cubes (if you need to). While some mixers come as a solution, others come in powdered form. You can opt for the travel-friendly sachets too, if you want to carry your mixer while going to a friend's party. 


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