Raise The Bar: Choosing The Right Cabinet To Get The Party Started

A well-stocked bar cabinet can leave a lasting impression on your guests

V. Kumara Swamy Updated: Aug 25, 2020 19:28:34 IST
Raise The Bar: Choosing The Right Cabinet To Get The Party Started Photo: Shutterstock

Choosing a bar cabinet ultimately boils down to your taste, available space, and budget, but it is a piece of furniture that will not go unnoticed when you throw a party.

What and where?

Not everyone can afford to have a separate room or a large space for a bar, but stylish cabinets are available in variety of shapes and sizes. You can mount one on the wall next to your kitchen counter or in your dining room. Or, you can place an exquisitely-crafted wine cabinet in your living room as statement furniture.

But there are certain things you must keep in mind before you go for a liquor cabinet. For instance, if you are not the kind who would like to openly display your liquor collection, go for a closed cabinet. It may also not help to splurge on a large cabinet when you are not a great wine enthusiast or a collector. A small cabinet but fully-stocked always looks better than a largely empty one.

Size matters

If you are cramped for space, but the desire to own a bar cabinet is too strong to ignore, you can go for a tall cabinet that will not take too much surface area. Just make sure that the cabinet can hold large bottles, and has enough space for glasses of various sizes and other bar-ware. 

Wall-mounted cabinets are space-savers too. And, a modern cabinet will lend some drama to your otherwise boring wall. If space is not a constraint, you can opt for traditional liquor cupboards too. They usually pack in plenty of room to store your liquor, glasses and bar tools. 

Decision time

For most people, a bar cabinet is a one-time investment. Think through questions like: Do you want a wooden or a glass cabinet? Where will you keep it? If you want a wooden cabinet, what type of wood do you want, and will it match your interior decor? If you have children at home, you can consider going for cabinets that can be locked when not in use. 

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