Planning To Buy A Ceiling Fan? This Guide Can Help You

You cannot imagine an Indian home without a ceiling fan 

Aindrisha Mitra Published Oct 30, 2020 23:03:51 IST
Planning To Buy A Ceiling Fan? This Guide Can Help You Photo: Shutterstock

On a hot and stuffy day, a ceiling fan can come to your rescue. Ceiling fans, however, don’t cause a drop in the room temperature. Instead, they improve the airflow or air circulation in the room. When you stand under the fan, it helps your sweat evaporate faster, thereby making you feel cooler.

While a ceiling fan is a must-have in any home, most of us hardly care about what we are buying. Since it is a purchase that is likely to last you a couple of years, it is important that you consider a few factors before zeroing in one. 

Factors to consider 

Measure the length, width and the height of the room in which you want the ceiling fan installed. If your room has a high ceiling, you can consider a fan that can hang from a down-rod—a fan too high will not be effective. For a bigger room, you will probably need two fans for better airflow.

When it comes to the number of blades, you can choose as per your preference because a three-blade fan will function the same way as a five-blade fan. Fan blades can be made of different kinds of materials, from plastic to metal. You can opt for one that complements your room decor. When choosing a ceiling fan, consider how energy-efficient it is so that you can save on your electricity bills. 

Smart ceiling fans 

Besides making your room feel cool, a smart fan comes with other features too. Some fans, for instance, have in-built lights while others can be operated through a remote and even your smartphone. With some fans, you can schedule when to run them and when to switch them off. They are energy-efficient too.

Pro-tip: If you want the fan to circulate cool breeze, make sure the blades run anti-clockwise. And, if you want it to circulate warm air, the blades should run clockwise. 




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