Not Just For Books. A Bookend Can Work As A Home Decor Item Too

Whether you want to prominently display your favourite books in a corner of your room or just want to give them support, a bookend helps you do both

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Sep 4, 2020 15:39:19 IST
Not Just For Books. A Bookend Can Work As A Home Decor Item Too Photo: Shutterstock

Want to showcase some of your favourite books on the table placed next to the entrance? A bookend can help.

You may have seen one at a library or a bookstore, but you can easily use it to display a couple of books prominently in your living room or bedroom or even in the dining area. Designed to give support to books, bookends, thanks to their attractive designs, have become a part of home decor too.

Also, if you have a small collection of books and just want to keep them neatly stacked on a shelf, a pair of bookends will ensure enough support. You may not need a bookshelf for that.

How to choose one

From wood to marble to metal, a bookend can be made from a variety of materials. While metallic ones are lighter, those with a love for the vintage could find a wooden bookend more appealing. If you are placing the books against a wall or a shelf, then one bookend is enough. Otherwise, a pair works better (it looks good too)—you give the books support from both sides.

Available in traditional patterns as well as modern designs, a pair of carefully-chosen bookends can also work as a statement decor item in your room.


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