Light Up Your Space And Mood With Scented Candles

These candles soothe your senses, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Jul 6, 2020 19:37:46 IST
Light Up Your Space And Mood With Scented Candles  Photo:

Scented candles emanate a range of fragrances that not only add freshness to your room but also lift your mood, helping you unwind after a hard day of work. They also work as décor items, lending a touch of class and beauty to your space. 

Scented candles are a key component of any aromatherapy kit and are lit during massages or beauty sessions to stimulate the senses. You can light one while meditating to ease your mind. 

However, people with asthma or other respiratory troubles should refrain from lighting them as some of these candles may have synthetic fragrances that can be harmful. If it is an absolute necessity, opt for unscented ones or mildly scented versions made of natural elements like beeswax or soy wax.

Here are a few types of scented candles you can go for:

Paraffin wax scented candles

Paraffin wax candles are most-preferred because of their strong scent. However, prolonged exposure to their fumes may trigger health problems, according to a 2009 University of South Carolina study. These candles are not environment-friendly either.  

Soy wax scented candles

These candles are slow-burning. Made of natural soy wax, they are more environment-friendly than their paraffin counterparts. They don’t create much smoke residue and leave behind a pleasant fragrance.

Beeswax scented candles

A beeswax candle is probably the most beneficial, environment-friendly option for you. Not only do they leave behind a pleasant fragrance, they also purify the air as they release negative ions which bind with the positively charged polluting particles, and make them too heavy to be suspended in the air. However, beeswax candles are often blended with other waxes, so you should be aware of the other waxes used in its composition.

Pro tip: According to experts, you should not burn these candles while eating as it might interfere with your taste buds and mix with the smell of the food, leaving you giddy and nauseous.

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