Just Starting Out In The Kitchen? These 4 Cookbooks Can Guide You

If you’re an aspiring home chef, these recipe books will help you whip up a delicious storm in the kitchen

Mohini Mehrotra Published Jun 8, 2020 17:45:54 IST
Just Starting Out In The Kitchen? These 4 Cookbooks Can Guide You Photo: Shutterstock

Everyone Can Cook by Vikas Khanna 

Authored by Michelin star chef Vikas Khanna, this book has been put together with the idea of making cooking easy for those who wish to learn the art. Everyone Can Cook is not only a guide for beginners but also for those of you who like to prepare sumptuous meals in a jiffy and without much stress. With a host of easy-to-cook dishes using a variety of canned ingredients, the book offers recipes that will sort out your breakfast, lunch and dinner preparations. From delightful starters, delicious meat, seafood and poultry preparations to comforting soups and yummy desserts, there’s something for everyone.

Indian Cookery Course by Monisha Bharadwaj 

With her book Indian Cookery Course, award-winning author, food historian and London-based food writer and chef Monisha Bharadwaj provides a step-by-step comprehensive guide to Indian cooking. The author uses her vast experience to bring together recipes from various regions of India. Covering a variety of dishes—authentic, healthy and lesser-known Indian recipes as well—this cookbook also tells the reader about the ingredients and techniques used.

Indian Instant Pot CookbookTraditional 500 Indian Recipes for Beginners with Vegan and Meat meals by Mirra Reddy

Perfect for modern working families who are always struggling with tight deadlines, The Indian Instant Pot offers you recipes that are simple, tasty and healthy. This cookbook has over 500 traditional Indian recipes to choose from. All you need to do is have an instant cooker pot and follow the recipes step by step and voila, you have a hearty and delicious dish ready in no time at all. The book covers indulging desserts, nutritious meat recipes, healthy vegetarian fare, and more.

Multi Cuisine Cookbook by Nita Mehta

Having authored over 400 cookbooks, Indian celebrity chef, author, restaurateur and media personality, Nita Mehta is well-known in the world of food for her approachable style of cooking. What makes her books exceptionally popular among new cooks is that the recipes are put together using everyday pantry ingredients rather than exotic stuff that’s tough to find. With Multi Cuisine Cookbook, the chef-author provides an easy guide to aspiring cooks to make flavourful world cuisines at home. From Chinese and Italian to Continental, Mexican and Thai, the recipes use ingredients that are readily available and also suggest substitutes in case the ingredients are not available.


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