Invest In A Garden Swing To Make The Most Of Your Lawn

You can also place a swing in a large, open veranda. Your family will love it

Aindrisha Mitra Published Aug 16, 2020 00:00:00 IST
Invest In A Garden Swing To Make The Most Of Your Lawn Photo: Shutterstock

If your house has a beautiful lawn, get a garden swing to sit comfortably and relax on breezy evenings.

A strong, well-built swing can provide a great deal of support. It is also perfect for your children who are sure to love it, while elders can also simply sit on it and enjoy a gentle back-and-forth.

Install your swing in a place that offers sufficient space for its movement, such as a big, open veranda.

Options to choose from

  • If you want to play it safe, a traditional wooden swing can be a good pick. However, if you are looking to have it set up outside your house, make sure you opt for a weather-resistant option, especially one that can stand wind and rain.
  • Metal swings in your backyard can certainly lend a more modern look to your space. They are also versatile when it comes to functionality. However, they need to be protected against rust, which can significantly weaken it and make it unsafe. You can avail of a rust remover or rust converter to get rid of the rust, or you can coat your swing set with oil/paint that prevents formation of rust. Also, make sure you clean the swing regularly.
  • If you are looking for something more spacious than play swings, you might consider getting a canopy swing. They can accommodate two or even three persons while also providing a shade overhead. Many of them are portable too, and depending on your preference, you can keep it in the house’s veranda or patio.
  • A fashionable nested hanging swing can make quite the style statement. These swings come in various shapes, are compact and can be set up in any room of your choice. However, it is usually a cosy spot for one person.

Customize your swing

You can add colourful upholstery and cushions to decorate your swing and make it the centrepiece of your home.

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