Healthy Sandwiches That Are Easy-Peasy

Try these at home. They are genuine crowd-pleasers

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Apr 24, 2020 16:09:10 IST
Healthy Sandwiches That Are Easy-Peasy Image courtesy: Pisquels

Sandwiches are the perfect meal at the desk. Fuss-free and delicious, they can be made with different kinds of fillings—vegetables, meats, cheese and egg—and using a variety of sauces and breads. The possibilities are endless.

While you can indulge now and then in a ham and cheese white bread sandwich, here are a few healthier grilled options that are light and easy on the stomach, especially on a hot summer day.

Hung Curd Sandwich

Makes: 2-3 sandwiches

How to: Prepare 1 cup of hung curd (yogurt) by putting it in a muslin cloth for half hour, or you can use Greek yogurt. Finely chop ½ onion, ½ carrot and ½ capsicum. Deseed and finely chop one green chilli. In a mixing bowl, take the hung curd and add ½ tablespoon of powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon of rock salt/pink salt, a pinch of pepper, 1 teaspoon of mixed herbs, and 1 teaspoon of mustard sauce. Mix well. Add the vegetables and mix them well.

Lightly grease the sandwich maker with butter or oil. Take a slice of whole wheat, oat or multigrain bread and add a generous amount of the filling, spread evenly, and then place another side of bread on the top. Repeat with other slices. Grill till toasted well. Serve it warm with tomato ketchup.

Grilled Bombay Sandwich

Makes: 2

How to: Slice 1 onion, 1 tomato, 1 cucumber and 1 boiled potato into thin rounds. On a slice of bread, spread 1 tablespoon of coriander-mint chutney. On another slice, spread 1 tablespoon of tomato ketchup. On the bread slice with chutney, put half of each—sliced onion, tomato, cucumber and potato. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of grated cheese, a dash of salt and pepper and 1 teaspoon of chat masala. Place the other bread slice with the tomato ketchup on the top. In the same way, make another sandwich.

Lightly grease the sandwich maker-cum-grill with butter or oil. Grill the sandwiches till toasted. Serve hot.

Cauliflower Sandwich

Makes: 2

How to: In a non-stick pan, add 1 teaspoon of olive oil or butter. Saute 1 finely chopped onion till it turns translucent. Add 1 finely chopped tomato, saute till it softens. Then add 1 cup of grated cauliflower and ½ a chopped capsicum. Saute until the cauliflower softens. Add 1 tablespoon of tomato ketchup and 2 tablespoons of grated cheese. Add a dash of salt and pepper and 1 tablespoon of chopped coriander leaves (or fresh parsley) and mix well.

Lightly grease the sandwich maker with butter or oil. Load a slice of whole wheat or multigrain bread generously with the filling and grill till done well. Serve hot with ketchup and mustard sauce.

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