Hate Those Hot And Sweaty Days? Stay Cool With A Pedestal Fan

Cost-effectiveness and easy mobility make pedestal fans a sound investment

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Aug 22, 2020 11:36:59 IST
Hate Those Hot And Sweaty Days? Stay Cool With A Pedestal Fan Photo: Shutterstock

You dread those hot and sweaty days when just a ceiling fan is not enough and using the air-conditioner throughout the day is not an option?

A simple, cost-effective solution is to invest in a pedestal fan. Plug it to the power point, turn it on and let the fan circulate cool air in your room. A pedestal fan is portable—you can move it to any corner of your home like balcony, garden or study—and is very easy to use.

Many pedestal fans allow you to run them on different modes based on your requirement—high, normal or low speed. You can determine the maximum speed of the fan through its RPM or rotations per minute. Higher the RPM, more powerful the fan. A pedestal fan with an RPM of 1300-1400 should be able to effectively circulate the air in your room. 

Other features to consider

It is always advisable to opt for a pedestal fan which is lightweight so that it can be easily moved around. Fans that come with castor wheels ensure that you don’t have to exert yourself while moving the fan from one room to another.

Check for the swing feature—the oscillation will allow even air circulation across the room. Consider the size of the room while choosing a pedestal fan. The fan size and the room size are directly proportional—a big room would need a big fan.

Pedestal fans can have plastic or metallic blades—the former are more economical but plastic is also prone to cracks.   

Pro-tip: Go for a fan which has a sturdy frame and does not create too much noise so that you can do your work peacefully or sleep without any disturbance. 

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