#GoodIdeas| Useful Tips For Your Everyday Problems

Make use of these handy tips to make your everyday life easier

Team RD Updated: Oct 9, 2019 14:38:56 IST
#GoodIdeas| Useful Tips For Your Everyday Problems

Corn in Store

The sugars in corn start converting to starch as soon as the corn is picked, so try to consume it as soon as possible. If you don’t intend to use it right after purchasing it, refrigerate it with the husk still on. This will slow down the sugars turning to starch.


Basil does well when planted in pots. Getting a sapling from the nursery is the easiest way to cultivate it at home. To protect it from insects, put 1tbsp rice flour and two to three tablets of camphor in a mug of water and pour it into your plant once every 8-10 days. Use minced home fresh basil in soups, salads or pasta.

Food Safety

It’s nice to have fresh herbs and veggies cleaned and ready for you to begin cooking. But if you wash produce before you stash it in the fridge, mould and other microbes can grow in moisture left behind. “To prevent spoiling, leave the produce to dry completely before stocking it in the fridge,” says Dr Kamala Krishnaswamy, former director, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad. “Else, stock it in perforated food bags in the fridge and clean right before you prepare it.”

Pet Holiday

Taking your pet along on road trips can be great fun, provided your furry friend enjoys them as much as you do. “Remember to keep her hydrated,” says Pune-based veterinarian Dr Gulshan Surty. Let her begin the journey on an empty stomach. “You can give her a light snack when you take a break. Give her plenty of water,” she adds. Take along your pet’s favourite rug or toy, so there is a sense of familiarity. Once you reach the destination, let her explore the place. Ideally, don’t let her off the leash immediately since the place and the surrounding smells around may all be new.

Pimple Plan

Acne and pimples occur due to a hormonal imbalance—one of the most common signs is the sprouting of excessive white¬heads and blackheads. While this imbalance is normal during in the teenage years, in later years it may signal an underlying medical issue. It’s essential to start treating acne as early as possible in order to avoid scars, blemishes and marks. Here’s how you can tackle it: Cleanse your face thoroughly with a product containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid. Use a water- based sunscreen since pimples and acne tend to leave marks—blemishes tend to get worse due to sun damage. Apply a gel containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide on the affected areas, after consulting a dermatologist. Remember, anti-acne products can lead to excessive dryness. Give them a break from time to time and use a mild, oil-free moisturizser once a day.


Collated from articles previously published in Prevention magazine
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