#GoodIdeas: Smart Ideas For Better Living

Easy hacks that will change your life

Team RD Published Oct 2, 2019 00:00:00 IST
#GoodIdeas: Smart Ideas For Better Living Flowers contain certain compounds that improve well-being, so use them in your home. (Photo: indiapicture)

Flower Power

In a Rutgers-University study, women who received bouquets reported positive feelings a few days later. Researchers speculate that flowers contain certain compounds that improve well-being. Use a diffuser regularly in your office and home. Scatter lavender, jasmine and roses around your home in water urns. These blossoms are known to boost mood and lower anxiety levels.

Oil-free Makeup

Wearing make-up on a greasy face can be a challenge—oil makes the skin shine and leads to patchy make-up that doesn’t last long. A thumb rule is to wear as little make-up as possible. Follow a regular cleansing–toning–moisturizing routine to keep your skin clear and healthy. Before applying foundation use a mattifying moisturizer to smoothen the skin out and fill in large pores. Apply an oil-absorbing powder afterwards. Wherever possible, use oil-free products.

Opt for Natural

When purchasing upholstery, opt for cotton, jute or linen fabrics—they work well for Indian weather conditions. The natural slubby (coarse and bumpy) nature of the weave permits the material to breathe. And because these are natural fibres, the chances of getting an allergic reaction are minimal. If it’s too expensive to change all your upholstery at one go, mix and match. Opt for slip-on covers rather than stitched-on ones, which aren’t easy to wash.

Space Savers

Make your den look more spacious with this easy-do tip. Place a big mirror on one wall and pain the room a bright white. It is a time-honoured trick to make a space appear bigger than its actual size.

Combat Clutter

Clutter isn’t just unpleasant, it can be distressing, especially when you don’t have control over it. Identify items you use most—your watch, eye-glasses, and so on—and place it in pretty baskets on your dresser. Keep separate baskets/boxes for designated products: be it make-up or combs and brushes. Does your wardrobe resemble a battleground? Make specified storage along vertical surfaces such as doors for scarves and socks. This saves horizontal space and keeps your life less cluttered.


Collated from articles previously published in Prevention magazine
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