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Spruce up your life with these easy-do ideas

Team RD Published Sep 18, 2019 17:30:55 IST
#GoodIdeas| Effective Hacks For Home Improvement Instead of buying a curio, liven up a lonely spot with a houseplant. (Photo: indiapicture)

Green Décor

Instead of buying a curio, liven up a lonely spot with a houseplant. Some low-maintenance options include jade, which flourishes in sunny areas, delicate asparagus ferns for indirect lighting or philodendrons and peace lilies for dimly lit nooks.

Lock up the Ice-cream

Every time you put leftover ice-cream in the fridge, it becomes rock hard and takes ages to thaw.  Here’s a simple trick to keep it just right. Put the ice-cream brick in a zip-lock bag before putting it in the freezer. It will have the right consistency when you take it out the next time.

Eggshell Shards

When you crack eggshells, some stray bits may escape you and fall into the bowl. But don’t hit the panic button and dive in to fish them out of the bowl. Wet your fingers first—the water acts as a magnet for eggshell bits, which will stick to your fingers and be out in a jiffy.

Blind Duty

Having trouble cleaning window blinds? Here’s a sure-shot way to get them sparkling clean. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a bowl. Grab a clean old cotton sock. Wear it on one hand and dip it in the mixture. Gently wipe both the sides of the blinds with it.

Map it Out

If you’re planning to travel to an offbeat location without internet access and worry about routing, then this one’s for you. Just make sure you have sufficient space on your phone and you can easily download Google Maps to browse offline on your mobile, even where you have no internet connection. All you need to do is: Go on the map to the address you want to save, type ‘ok map’ into the search and then tap ‘download’.   

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