#Good Ideas: Simple Hacks To Spruce Up Your Life

Improve your everyday life with these easy-do ideas 

Team RD Updated: Sep 27, 2019 16:08:06 IST
#Good Ideas: Simple Hacks To Spruce Up Your Life Enjoy a play session instead—it’s calorie-free, and the activity will benefit both of you (Photo indiapicture)

Fake it till you Make It

Positivity re­searchers are now turning up unexpected happiness trig­gers that can turn your frown upside down. So ‘grin and bear it’ isn’t such dumb advice after all. Faking a genuine smile—the kind that crinkles the corners of your eyes—eases stress and boosts moods states a University of Kansas study.

Woof in Weight

‘Hi, poochie, I’m home’ treats can be harmful for your furry friend. Stop giving her treats because you feel guilty about being away all day. Enjoy a play session instead—it’s calorie-free, and the activity will benefit both of you.

Danger in Dishware

It’s not just BPA (a chemical called bisphenol-A) in plastic containers that’s harmful. Turns out, your melamine dishware may not be safe either. In a Taiwanese study, healthy young adults who slurped hot soups from melamine bowls were found to have much higher levels of the chemical (melamine) in their urine samples than those who used ceramic bowls. Even though the levels were not alarmingly high, it’s still wise to be cautious. Why? Because using melamine regularly may result in kidney damage.

Once in your body, melamine can harm your kidneys in two ways. First, it forms crys­tals that could eventually become kidney stones. And in very high doses, it becomes toxic, destroying kidney tissue. Pregnant women and children are most vulnerable, because developing kidneys are more susceptible to dam­age. Take these steps to avoid exposure. Keep it cool. Don’t serve acidic or warm foods or liquids in it (use glass or ceramic instead). And definitely don’t micro­wave melamine containers. Both acid and heat cause more melamine to leach into your food. Also, upgrade. According to the study, the cheaper the dishes, the more mela­mine leaches out. So shell out more to keep safe.

Cheese Freeze

Grating soft cheese can be a hassle. Here’s a super-smart trick that will make your life simpler. Freeze the cheese for 20 -30 minutes before grating it. You can leave the leftover cheese in the freezer, since doing that will actually increase its shelf-life and keep away mould.

Eye This

If you’ve woken up looking tired after a stressful night, worry not! Here’s a beauty tip that will instantly pep your face. After finishing your skincare/makeup routine, line the inner rim (also known as the waterline) of your lower eyelid with a nude or white eye pencil.  Not only will it brighten your eyes, it will also make you look wide-eyed and gorgeous.

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