#Good Ideas: Simple Life Hacks For Better Living

How to save energy, buy fresh fish, keep house clutter-free, and more

Team RD Published Nov 13, 2019 12:19:28 IST
#Good Ideas: Simple Life Hacks For Better Living Proper vaccination is a must to protect your pet from a large spectrum of diseases (Photo: indiapicture)

Pet Protection

Proper vaccination is a must to protect your pet from a large spectrum of diseases such as canine distemper, par­voviral gastroenteritis, canine hepatitis, leptospirosis, corona virus, rabies and tetanus. The initial vaccinations are followed up by yearly boosters which need to be administered through the entire lifecycle of the pet. Finally, de-worm her once in three months. This protocol is essential for us as well because worms can be easily transmitted from pets to human beings.

Keep it Light

Lighting forms the chunk of your electric bills. So save energy (and money) by choosing LEDs and dimmable CFL and tube lights. Avoid regular bulbs and halogen lamps that are power guzzlers. While buying the control gear for your lights, go for an electronic one instead of an electromagnetic one. These are more energy efficient. Ensure that the lighting equipment that you buy meets the Energy Star Label requirements as per the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

Clutter Not

Having a clutter-free environ­ment at home can do wonders for your happiness. You can reduce clutter by using wall space wisely—conceal all storage within walls; hide all wiring and have minimal accessories. Get rid of all the messy piles of books, clothes, CDs, etc. This creates a sense of calm and allows energy to flow freely.

Fridge Wise

Clean the fridge every week. Rub the inside with hot water and then wipe it with a vinegar-water solution. Empty it completely every three months and clean it thoroughly. Don’t forget to rinse the rubber on the fridge doors. Never keep uncovered food in the fridge: use a cling film to ensure there is no loss of moisture or taste.

Fresh in Fish

Are you one of those who would like to eat fish more often but not sure how to buy it right? Here are a few useful tips from Prima Kurien, Delhi-based coastal food consultant, to keep in mind to make sure that the fish you’re buying is fresh.

  • Look for bright, clear eyes.
  • Try to smell the fish before buying if you can. A fish should smell like clean water. Never buy foul-smelling fish.
  • Check the gills, they should be rich red in colour.
  • If you notice discoloured patches on the fish, it’s indicative of lack of freshness.
  • Press the fish with your finger. It should be resilient enough so your indentation disappears. With fish always buy the freshest avail­able, change the menu if you must.


Collated from articles previously published in Prevention magazine.

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