Give Your Bathroom A Neat And Organized Look With Storage Shelves

Besides bath and beauty essentials, you can also keep potted plants and decorative items on these shelves  

Aindrisha Mitra Published Oct 25, 2020 00:00:00 IST
Give Your Bathroom A Neat And Organized Look With Storage Shelves Photo: Shutterstock

Does your bathroom look dull and shabby? Perhaps, it’s time to give it a makeover. Storage racks and shelves will help your bathroom look clean and organized.

Bathroom racks and shelves come in various shapes and sizes and you can be as experimental as you want. Beside toiletries, you can use the shelves to display souvenirs, potted plants and miniature artworks to give your bathroom a fresh and elegant look. 


For optimum utilization of space, you can go for over-the-toilet shelves to keep your towels, soaps and other toiletries. You can opt for tiered shelves if you want extra storage space.

Then, there are shower shelves too. Quite popular in Indian households, chances are you may have spotted them at a friend’s bathroom. Usually fitted next to the shower area, these racks make it easy for you to reach for the soap or that shampoo bottle.  

If you have a bathtub, a bathtub tray can make you life simpler. You can have all the essentials within easy reach while you enjoy a relaxing bath in the tub. 

Materials matter 

If you are a traditionalist or love the old-world charm, wooden shelves can be an ideal choice for your bathroom. They are sturdy too. Shelves made of tempered glass are another option—they are sturdy and cost-effective. 

Metal shelves are easy to clean and maintain, and look very chic. Plastic shelves are lightweight and durable and, of course, easy on your pocket.

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