Get The Right Bed For Your Furry Friend

Top tips to help you choose a bed with the right size and right fabric for your best friend

Mohini Mehrotra Published Jun 1, 2020 19:39:39 IST
Get The Right Bed For Your Furry Friend Photo: Shutterstock

While you may love snuggling up to your pooch in your own bed, it’s not a particularly healthy habit. It can lead to a poor night’s rest, or worse, aggravate certain allergies. No one’s saying that hugging and snuggling is off the charts—it’s just better to get a good bed where your dog can relax after running around the entire day. However, when choosing a dog bed, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

1. Pick the right size

Pet beds come in a variety of sizes—small to extra-large—for different breeds. Before ordering a bed for your pet, make sure you measure your dog from its nose to the base of the tail while it is in sleeping position. To this, add another 8-10 inches to determine the ideal bed length for your pet. The bed should be large enough for the pet to be able to sleep comfortably in its natural position.

2. Shape matters:

Pet beds are available in a variety of shapes to suit all kinds of breeds and needs. There are round, oval and rectangular beds with slightly raised sides and thicker padding, then there are snuggle beds or cave beds, which are made like a cocoon for the pet to hide inside. These are great for dogs who like to curl up and sleep. They tend to be warmer and more suitable for the colder months. Mattress beds, usually rectangular, are thinner and offer better support. They are good for dogs who like to lie flat and spread on all the fours. Especially apt for hot days are the raised platform beds that allow better air circulation and help your pet stay cool. 

3. Fabric wise

Dog beds are now available in a variety of fabrics and designs to cater to different weather conditions, budgets and aesthetics. From shaggy faux fur and micro-velvet to chenille, rugged canvas and waterproof material, you will be spoilt for choice. Make sure that the bed has a removable fabric cover that can be washed, either by hand or in a machine. Dust the bed often and wash the covers at least once in two weeks to keep them clean.

4. Stuffing is important

In terms of filling, polyester fibrefill is frequently used in dog beds. It adds softness to the bed and is better for younger dogs. Then there’s foam, either standard, memory or orthopaedic, which offers excellent support, especially to older dogs or dogs recovering from an injury. Choose a quality bed that will last you a few seasons. If possible, change the filling at least once a year.

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