Get A Feeder, Get Closer To Birds

If you would like hear the chirping of birds in your garden or balcony, then a bird feeder is what you need

V. Kumara Swamy Updated: Sep 15, 2020 19:05:56 IST
Get A Feeder, Get Closer To Birds Photo: Shutterstock

You don’t have to be an avid bird watcher or a bird lover to appreciate their beauty. One way to attract your feathered friends to your garden or balcony or even near your window is by placing a bird feeder. And, you may end up discovering different bird species every day!

Choosing a feeder

Tubular feeders, hung from a pole next to your window or on the side of a tree or in your balcony, or simple bowl-like feeders can do a good job of attracting birds.

Feeding birds may be a satisfying activity, but if you don’t want any other animal, like a squirrel, getting away with most of the food that you have kept for the birds, you could go for caged feeders. Another way of keeping the squirrels away is by applying some grease, oil or vaseline on the pole on which you have hung the feeder.

Although you will find feeders made of wood, high-grade plastic, terracotta and other materials, choose one that you think suits your requirement and goes well with your home or garden decor.

Other factors to consider 

See to it that the place where you have kept the feeder is not prone to disturbance of any kind. Also, the feeders themselves may be great, but unless you use the right kind of seeds and food, your feeder may not attract many birds. Avoid giving oily and salted food to birds; black sunflower seeds are an excellent option.

And finally, be patient. You may have bought the best bird feeder, but attracting the birds to it could take more than a few days. Birds may take time to discover your feeder, they may initially not feel comfortable, but as they get more confident, they will start frequenting it. Let it be a natural process. Don’t get disappointed or frustrated if your feeder is not getting any birds in the first few weeks.

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