For The Love Of Baking

If you have the right baking equipment and a bunch of great ideas, the possibilities are limitless

Mohini Mehrotra Published Mar 14, 2020 00:00:00 IST
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Baking is a combination of art and science, and you need the right tools to get the best out of your recipe. The basic but must-have equipment will make your journey into the world of baking easier and more enjoyable.

Here’s a check-list to get you started on your baking journey at home.

Choose an Oven

This is the most important gadget when it comes to baking. The first thing you need to decide is the usage and the capacity you are looking for. Once you know how often you will be using the oven, and the kind of things you will be preparing in it, you can zero in on a model and a make that fits your requirements.

You can choose between a conventional oven and a convection oven. In a conventional oven, the source of heat is stationary and rises up from the bottom. In a convection setting, the heat is blown by the fans and the air circulates well inside the oven and, therefore, spreads more evenly.

Choose the Right Mixer

A hand mixer is a basic kitchen gadget that everyone must have. It’s great for whipping up eggs or cream, for mixing cake batter and even for making mashed potatoes. Portable hand mixers are light, easy to store and relatively cheap compared to the stand mixers. A hand mixer is a great equipment for beginners.

But if you are one of those who take baking seriously, stand mixers are a better bet. They can whip, mix, and beat ingredients in way less time and more efficiently. Most stand mixers come with useful attachments like a dough hook and a whisk.

Measure it Perfectly

In daily cooking, you can use estimates when it comes to ingredient quantity, but baking demands more precision and depends a lot on measurements. A lot can go wrong in terms of the texture, the flavour and the look of a baked product if you don’t get the measurements right. Therefore, having a set of dry measuring cups, liquid measuring cups, measuring spoons and a kitchen scale is a must.

Get a Mesh Strainer

A mesh strainer or a sieve comes in a variety of materials, such as nylon, stainless steel or aluminium. To get your cake base right, you need to sift the dry ingredients well so that the mixture is lump-free and the flavour is evenly distributed.

Go For a Baking Pan

Whether you prefer a round, a rectangle, or a heart-shaped cake, baking pans and tins come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Get the Kitchen Must-Haves

Quality wooden or silicone spatulas, a light and a heavy whisk and an oil brush are kitchen must-haves. Mixing bowls in stainless steel are durable and cost-effective. You can also go for glass mixing bowls that are microwave safe and can double up as serving bowls.

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