Everybody Loves Italian Seasoning

You can add Italian seasoning to a variety of dishes, from pizza and pasta to soups and salads. Here’s why they are so popular

Mohini Mehrotra Published May 28, 2020 17:16:04 IST
Everybody Loves Italian Seasoning Italian seasoning. Photo: Shutterstock

If garam masala is the quintessential Indian spice mix that elevates simple everyday dishes, then Italian seasoning is the perfect aromatic all-purpose mix that can turn your homemade Italian food into gourmet. Although it is called Italian seasoning, many believe this mix of herbs is an American invention. Other than pastas, sauces and pizzas, this seasoning also makes for a wonderful addition to sandwiches, grills, salads, and more.

Here’s why you should make it a pantry essential, if you still haven’t.

All things good

Italian seasoning is a blend of a variety of dried herbs and spices, such as basil, garlic powder, marjoram, onion powder, oregano, rosemary, sage and thyme with a dash of red chilli flakes. The flavour profile of an Italian seasoning depends on the ratio of herbs—while one may be more basil-dominated, the other could be more oregano-driven. However, the sweetness of rosemary, the freshness of basil, the sharp notes of marjoram and the earthy flavour of oregano and thyme remain consistent.

These herbs are also packed with many health benefits. Thyme and basil contain vitamin K, while rosemary is rich in vitamin A. These herbs are a good source of dietary fibre too. Both thyme and basil are also said to have antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals in the body and slow down the process of ageing.

A dash of deliciousness

Italian seasoning has a mild earthy flavour that lends itself well to home-made pasta sauces, baked dishes, marinades. And of course, you can sprinkle it on your pizza.

But that’s not all. Because it is mild in flavour, you can add it to a variety of dishes without overpowering the main ingredients. You can use it for seasoning grilled vegetables and meat, add it to your soups and sandwich filling, mix it with mashed potatoes, season your fries, or add a teaspoon to your salad. The possibilities are endless. 

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