Enjoy Your Time Outdoors With Mudda Chairs

They offer an easy and relaxed seating

Aindrisha Mitra Published Oct 2, 2020 00:00:00 IST
Enjoy Your Time Outdoors With Mudda Chairs Photo: Shutterstock

Beauty, comfort, sustainability and utility come together in mudda chairs. They are lightweight, strong and easy to carry around. Some of these furniture units can even double as storage spaces. Made from bamboo, jute or wicker, they are eco-friendly as well. Mudda chairs can be used in various settings—living rooms, balconies or gardens, among others.

Good insulators

The chairs made of bamboo or jute fibre are good heat insulators. Besides being comfortable and durable, they trap heat, thus allowing you to stay warm and cozy especially when the temperature drops.   

Besides bamboo and jute, cane, wicker or synthetic fibres may also be used to make the framework of the chairs. They can then be coloured to your liking.

Handcrafted attractions

The mudda chairs are preferred because they have a distinct classic feel to them. Best of all, the chairs are handwoven and handcrafted, thereby adding a personal touch to the furniture. Many of them come with cushions as well to make for a comfortable seating experience.

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