Don't Want Your Lunch To Turn Stale Or Leak Into Your Bag? Get The Right Box

There are a host of features you must consider before zeroing in on a lunchbox

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Jul 15, 2020 21:08:19 IST
Don't Want Your Lunch To Turn Stale Or Leak Into Your Bag? Get The Right Box Photo: Shutterstock

You are eagerly waiting for the lunch break to dig into your favourite food. You open the lunch box only to find that the sabzi has already got all mixed up with the roti. The food no longer looks inviting and, worse, it appears stale. 

An insulated, leakproof lunch box can spare you such experiences by keeping your food fresh for longer hours. It is also a great option for carrying items like fruits which may otherwise be ruined if you carry them in a bag. If you have a microwave at your workplace, then oven-friendly glass containers can be considered too. If you are confused about which lunch box to choose, here’s help at hand:

Stainless steel, plastic or glass?

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, durable and cost-effective option, a stainless steel lunch box will suit the bill. These boxes are easy to use and clean.

Plastic lunch boxes are a cost-effective and popular choice too, but check for the BPA-free (Bisphenol A-free) label which is a mark of safety.

Lunch boxes made of borosilicate glass are leakproof and microwave-safe and usually come with an airtight plastic lid.

What are insulated containers?

Insulated lunch boxes usually have an outer layer made of a tough plastic fabric, while the inner lining is made of water-resistant material such as plastic, aluminium or vinyl, that keeps the food fresh. There is insulating foam in the middle, typically made from polyurethane or polyethylene plastic.

Choose the right size

A lightweight box that is easy to carry around and can fit inside your bag is always desirable. But then again, how many compartments or containers you need depends on how many food items you are carrying. If it is paratha and pickle, a regular box with a small compartment inside it should suffice. If you are someone who likes carrying fruits, curd, veggies and some roti to work, a bento box or one with three-four containers can work.  

Pro-tip: Don’t pack your lunch immediately after cooking it. Allow it to cool down to room temperature before putting it into the box, otherwise the steam from the food can seal your box and you will struggle to open it during lunchtime. 

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