Don't Have To Pay A Premium For Salon-Styled Beard. Just Choose The Right Trimmer

Investing in a quality trimmer can save you several trips to the salon to keep your beard in shape

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: May 15, 2020 15:22:54 IST
Don't Have To Pay A Premium For Salon-Styled Beard. Just Choose The Right Trimmer Photo: Shutterstock

We are living in the age of the beard. With more and more men embracing it, beard is now a style statement. However, you may not always want to pay a premium at salons for sculpting facial hair. Therefore, investing in a good grooming device is a must. Here are tips to help you buy the right gadget to keep your stubble, sideburns, goatee in top shape.

Quality matters

Just because a product is expensive does not mean that it ought to be good. Whether you trim your beard once or twice a month, invest in a quality trimmer—one that has a good blade and a skid-proof handle to avoid mishaps. Stainless steel, chromium, double-sharpened blades and self-sharpening steel blades are good options to choose from. Check for a guarantee card before purchasing one. Trimmers are available in various price ranges based on the features they offer and durability. Some beard trimmers can also double up as body hair trimmers and may cost you a bit more than the ones only meant for facial hair.

Wire or wireless?

There are two kinds of trimmers currently available in the market—with a cord or battery-operated wireless one. While it is down to your preference and practicality, cordless trimmers offer more flexibility because they are easy to carry when you’re travelling. However, if you are looking for one that’s got more power, go for a corded trimmer. With a corded trimmer, the length of the cord may be an issue, so make sure that you have a plug point near the wash basin and mirror for maximum manoeuvrability while trimming.

Be size wise

Go for a trimmer with a comb that suits your demands—the length of the comb will vary depending on whether you want to keep your beard short, long, bushy or just have stubble. A smaller comb provides a more clean-shaven experience. But if you are someone who likes experimenting every few months, it’s best you go for a trimmer that comes with adjustable settings or different comb length options.

Dry or wet use?

There are trimmers available for both wet and dry styling so choose one based on your preference of trimming your beard before or during a shower. For greater convenience, you can also go for an electric waterproof shaver that can be used for both wet and dry trimming, although it may cost you a bit more than the regular ones.

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