Declutter Your Kitchen And Make It Look Spacious With Organizers

Organizers are smart solutions to kitchen-storage problems. They make your kitchen look clean

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jul 10, 2020 19:20:52 IST
Declutter Your Kitchen And Make It Look Spacious With Organizers Photo: Shutterstock

An unorganized kitchen can be a nightmare, especially when the pots, pans and dishes are loosely tossed on the counter or simply piled up against one another. What you need are kitchen organizers that can free up the counter space, making it easy for you to locate things and helping you save time and effort. And, of course, your kitchen looks more clean, organized and inviting. 

Be it wall-mounted racks or expandable storage options, organizers are a must-have in every kitchen. Here’s how you can choose what is best for your space:  

Types of organizers 

A dish rack is a good vertical storage option. As the name suggests, it is used primarily for storing dishes, but some racks come with designated slots for spoons, forks and knives too.

Similarly, two- or three-tier racks and shelves are great for storing dry items like spices, salt and sugar. You can keep your bottle of jam and oil as well.

It is important to keep the area under your sink clean—you can opt for adjustable shelves that utilize the space well while keeping the space clean. Keep your kitchen-cleaning liquids, brushes and scrubs on the shelves.

If you have big drawers or cabinets in your kitchen and forage them to find an item you need immediately, adjustable drawer-dividers can simplify your life. You can keep your spoons in one slot, the ladles in the next and knives and scissors in the third one.

Pull-out drawers and racks are another popular option for kitchen storage. They help you maximize your cabinet space and it’s super-easy to operate them because you just need to pull them out to get what you need, a bottle of oil or a jar of spice.

Plastic or stainless steel? 

You can opt for organizers made of plastic that are ideal to store fruits and vegetables or spices. Or you can go for a stainless steel organizer that can withstand the weight of heavy utensils, like bottles of oil or glass jars.

Wall-mounted or stands?

If you want to save kitchen space, wall-mounted organizers are ideal. If easier access or reach is your priority, standing racks are more up to the task. Finally, the choice boils down to what you are getting the rack for and where you intend to keep it. 

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