Comfort Cushions You Can Use For Lounging

They are also great in-house decor options

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jul 3, 2020 17:24:50 IST
Comfort Cushions You Can Use For Lounging Photo: Shutterstock

When it comes to decorating your home, sofas and chairs can be great blank canvases to play around with. From dabbling with colours (maybe gradient shades or pops of colour and bright accents) to using textures and fabrics for a warm, inviting comfort-space, sofa cushions can make a big difference in the way your room looks and feels.

A staple when it comes to home furnishing, cushions come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and sizes that need to be chosen carefully to fit your unique style. They should complement the rest of the room, give it some volume and be arranged in a way that they do not appear visually jarring—odd numbers, for example, work best to break monotonous symmetry.

While the classic square cushion, which comes in three sizes, makes for a great armchair accessory, a small rectangular cushion and long bolster cushions are best for longer seating options such as beds, benches or futons. Try layering and adding contrast between shapes and types while making sure there is sufficient space for comfortable sitting, and enough support along the back and sides for long hours on the couch.

For cushion covers, go for a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle easily and is washable. Opt for materials like cotton, jute, polyester to velvets and leather that add a certain shimmer to the upholstery. Pick filling material based on how much or little, and in what way it will be used—support cushions need more strength and stability while purely decorative ones can be less so.

Pro tip: Choose a cushion pad that is of the same size or a little oversized than the cover to ensure it fills the space entirely with no empty corners.

Here’s a look at some of the cushions you could grab for your space:

Cotton cushions

These cushions are made of natural cotton and have a cooling effect against the skin. Unlike synthetics, cotton breathes better and makes for a comfortable fabric. These are easily washable in machines.

Feather cushions

These cushions filled with small feathers provide instant ease and comfort. They are soft, tender and yet rigid and last much longer than commonly used cotton or synthetic cushions which eventually harden over time..

Down cushions

Down cushions are made of quilled materials that are extremely gentle on the skin and are often associated with luxury bedding. While cushy, these do not offer a great deal of support when you sit or recline on them and can also get lumpy over time if not sewn properly. Both feather and down cushions can be washed in machines.

Memory foam cushions

These cushions are good for a quick nap as they adjust to your shape and give room to your shoulders, neck and head so that you don’t wake up with pain or stiffness the next day. They are durable and last as long as up to three years. Memory foam cushions also make for an affordable choice as compared to other varieties.

Microbead cushions

They are made of tiny beads that provide hard support. Mostly, the material is polystyrene and can be easily carried around while travelling.

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