A Coffee Table Is More Than Just Another Piece Of Furniture In Your Living Room

A coffee table is truly versatile and can be used in many ways

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Jul 23, 2020 19:30:15 IST
A Coffee Table Is More Than Just Another Piece Of Furniture In Your Living Room Photo: Shutterstock

A stylish coffee table can perk up your living room. For many, a coffee table is the standout piece of furniture in a room. Here are some important things that you should look out for while choosing one for your home:

Which shape and size to choose

The length of your coffee table should be half (or two-thirds, at most) of your sofa’s length. There should be enough leg space between the coffee table and the sofa set. The table’s height should be equal to or slightly less than the sofa seat’s height.

When it comes to shapes, you can choose to go with a square-shaped, an oval-shaped, a rectangular or a round coffee table. Ideally, check the size of your room before picking a table—round tables are more apt for larger rooms and larger gatherings, while rectangular tables are a better fit for smaller rooms. If you have children at home, you may want to consider oval or round tables since they don’t have sharp corners.

Which material to choose

You can go for a glass table if you want your room to look more spacious and open. Wooden coffee tables are more traditional and definitely sturdier than glass tables. If you want a vintage look, a brass coffee table should suit your requirement. Many decor enthusiasts also like to go with marble coffee tables to give their room a more modern and chic look.

Functionalities to look for  

If you don’t mind getting additional storage space with a coffee table, do look for tables that come with drawers or racks. If you plan to move the table around or want to place it in the garden at times, a coffee table with wheels can make your life easier. Some tables can be folded—you have the option of keeping them in a corner when not in use.

The many uses of a coffee table

Traditionally used for serving tea, coffee and snacks, a coffee table can be used in many ways. If the television is right in front of the sofa, you often end up using a coffee table to place your TV remote and sometimes even your meals. Some of you already use the drawers or the rack underneath the table-top to stack newspapers and magazines.

A coffee table can also double up as a workstation—you can just plonk yourself on the sofa and place the laptop on the table. However, working from a sofa for prolonged hours is not recommended as you may develop back and neck pain due to wrong posture. 

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