Cleaning Glass Surfaces Can Be Cumbersome, But These Tips Will Help You

Dream of having squeaky clean and shining glass doors, mirrors and windows? These easy tricks are for you

Mohini Mehrotra Published May 18, 2020 18:54:11 IST
Cleaning Glass Surfaces Can Be Cumbersome, But These Tips Will Help You Photo: Shutterstock

Cleaning glass can be tricky and cumbersome. Often, you spend hours spraying and wiping glass surfaces and they still look streaky. But having the right cleaners and knowing the right way to clean glass can make your life easier. Follow these simple tips:

For doors

If you have glass patio doors in your rooms that lead to a terrace, balcony or a garden, then you may have noticed how they tend to get stained almost every other day due to the rains, watering of plants, etc. These stains not only spoil your view from the room, but if unattended, they can leave permanent marks on the glass.

Start with dry dusting the frame, the handles of the door and the glass with a soft cloth to remove grime and dust. Then wipe the frame and handles with a cloth dipped in a water-soap solution. Next, take a clean rag, dip it in water, and wipe the glass. Dry the glass with a clean cloth or a paper towel, and then spray it with a glass cleaner. Finally, use a micro-fibre cloth or an old newspaper to buff the glass so that it looks squeaky clean.

For shower doors

A shower door can be a little tough to clean because it is bombarded with soap suds every day, which can accumulate if not cleaned regularly. To avoid soap scum from building up, use a wiper made out of rubber and meant to clean glass to remove water and residue after every shower.

This will save you a lot of grief in the long run. You can also try this DIY trick. Mix baking soda and water to create a thick paste and rub this on the shower doors using a soft sponge. After two minutes, spray a mixture of vinegar-water on it. Wipe it off with a clean, soft cloth. Use the glass wiper to remove any excess cleaning residue.

For windows

Dust off the dirt from the window frame with a cloth, a dusting brush or you can even vacuum it with your machine’s dusting attachment. This will stop the dirt from turning into a streaky mess when you spray the cleaner.

If you don’t have a glass cleaner, you can make one at home by mixing two cups of water, 1/2 cup white or cider vinegar and 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol (or use liquid detergent). Pour this solution in a spray bottle and use it like a glass cleaner. Use old newspapers or a micro-fibre cloth to wipe the glass clean.

For mirrors

Whether it’s your bathroom mirror with toothpaste splatter, hair spray residue, fingerprints and streaks or it’s just a dirty mirror, here’s a quick solution to help you clean it easily. Mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle. If the mirror has any tough stains, first use rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth to remove them. Now spray the vinegar-water solution onto a micro-fibre cloth and wipe the glass in a zigzag manner. Buff it with a newspaper.

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