6 Car-Care Myths Busted

Maybe you don't need your oil changed so soon after all.

By Rahul Ghosh Updated: Aug 30, 2018 12:59:30 IST
6 Car-Care Myths Busted

"Premium fuel helps performance." Premium fuels make a minor difference in efficiency. What they actually do is to keep the innards of the engine cleaner and combustion friendly.

"More fuel if I fill up in the morning." The temperature of fuel doesn't change much when the air is cooler, so you aren't saving any money by filling up in the cold. 

"Electric cars are more likely than conventional cars to catch fire." While there had been some concern that the battery in hybrid and electric cars might catch fire after a crash, electric cars are not exactly prone to catching fire unless the wiring system has been tampered with. 

"I have to change the oil every 5,000 km." Most modern cars can go 10,000 km or more without fresh oil. Manufacturers set service intervals, so follow those. Intervals are also guided by the kind of oil used.

"I might as well change my coolant fluid and air filters when I do get my oil changed." While coolant replacement is not mandatory in every service, air filters should be inspected and replaced, if necessary.

"Driving with my window down reduces drag on my vehicle, making it more fuel efficient." If you are driving your car with the windows up, then it remains more streamlined. This improves aerodynamics, which has a positive impact on fuel efficiency.

--inputs from RD, International

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