Blend It Like A Pro With An Electric Hand Blender

Perfect for traditional and modern kitchens, this utility gadget is a must-have

Mohini Mehrotra Published Jun 22, 2020 19:21:30 IST
Blend It Like A Pro With An Electric Hand Blender Photo: Shutterstock

No matter how many high-tech or modern equipment you may have in your kitchen, there’s nothing that can replace a basic electric hand blender, also known as an immersion blender. Light, versatile and easy-to-use, this smooth operator is a kitchen gem. Here’s why:

Easy to use: A hand blender is one of the simplest kitchen gadgets to use and it can be ready to go in seconds. Whether you’re looking to make a quick fruit smoothie, a protein shake or a frothy, restaurant-style cold coffee in the morning, a hand blender allows you to whip up your favourite drink in no time.

The biggest advantage with an immersion blender is that you can blend your ingredients in the container itself—whether it’s a bowl, a pot or even a wide-mouth cup. Some hand blenders come with more than one-speed setting, and some with a variety of attachments (blades) so that you can blend, mix, beat or chop with just one gadget. Make sure you choose one with the right wattage and blade size to get the most out of your machine.

Light and compact: One of the biggest advantages of a hand blender is its compact size. With a portable design, it can fit just about anywhere in the kitchen and is especially great for small kitchens that have limited space. All you need is a drawer (which all kitchens have) to stow it away. Some hand blenders come with a detachable shaft, which makes it all the more easy to store the appliance. Because they are light and compact, you can also carry them along while travelling.

Versatilility: If you thought a hand blender can be used only to make a smoothie or make a milkshake, you couldn’t be more wrong. This multi-functional appliance can help you chop, whip, blend, churn and mix food to perfection. Besides pureeing vegetables for soups or rustling up a quick salad dressing, a hand blender can help you prepare baby food, mash potatoes, whip cream and eggs, and even chop nuts.

Silent and efficient: Unlike regular mixers and grinders that can wake up the entire neighbourhood when turned on, immersion blenders are almost noise-free because the motor is encased in the thick handle.

Easy to clean and maintain: The bigger the appliance, the harder it is to clean it. In contrast, a hand blender is easy to clean. You just need to clean the stick and the blades under water.

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