Black Salt: A Useful And Versatile Kitchen Ingredient

From aiding digestion to adding much-needed taste to your daily dishes, here’s why you should switch to black salt

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Aug 27, 2020 13:00:27 IST
Black Salt: A Useful And Versatile Kitchen Ingredient  Photo: Shutterstock

A pinch of black salt on fruits and salads can significantly improve their taste. This useful kitchen ingredient is rich in iron and other essential minerals that also lend it a pinkish-grey hue.

Stronger than the table salt you perhaps use daily, black salt has alkaline properties that can check acidity. It has lower quantities of sodium and is less iodized than the white salt. It also contains bisulphates and has a distinctive smoky, earthy taste. Believed to be a healthier alternative, it can help maintain your blood pressure level and is also used as a home remedy. 

The many benefits of black salt  

  • Black salt is said to have laxative effects that can aid digestion.
  • It is a very efficient detoxifier as well. A teaspoon of black salt in warm water on an empty stomach every day can help refresh and detoxify your system.
  • Black salt is also quite effective when it comes to skincare. It works well as a cleanser and helps open clogged pores, leaving the skin radiant. It can be used for treating cracked heels, swollen feet and sprains as well.
  • Black salt can cure muscle pain too. The potassium content in it helps regulate the functioning of muscles and relaxes cramps and spasms.
  • Due to its low sodium content, black salt can prevent the accumulation and retention of water and other fluids in the body’s tissues and cavities, which is often caused due to excessive sodium intake.

A flavouring agent   

You can completely transform bland dishes with a generous use of this versatile ingredient. Use it on  sprouts or your quinoa bowl or in drinks such as lemonade and jaljeera to add a tangy kick to their taste.

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