Be Carefree About Keeping Your Food Safe

Bank on these containers for an easy and hassle-free storage

Aindrisha Mitra Published May 31, 2020 00:00:00 IST
Be Carefree About Keeping Your Food Safe

Storing food can be a major task especially if they take up more than half of the space in refrigerators and cabinets. To facilitate effective storage in a limited space, food containers can come in handy.

They are made of a wide range of materials—from plastic and metal to glass and even paper. Some of them even undergo processing for a stronger build and to increase their capacity.

Not only is it easy to preserve food items, you can also carry them in these containers. These containers also contribute a great deal in helping you organize your kitchen space.

Here, we take a look at containers you may consider buying:

Glass Containers

These are generally suitable for use in microwave ovens as long as they are heat- and microwave-proof. These are best suited for storing dry items such as cereals or flour, for a longer period of time. You can also use them for keeping liquids as they can then be put inside refrigerators.

Metal Containers

Metal containers are best used for storing items in larger quantities. Mostly made from aluminium and stainless steel, you can use them to store oils and other liquids without fearing a chemical reaction. These containers, which come in the form of drums and cans, contain protective enamels to ensure longevity of the food being stored.

Plastic Containers

They are a fairly common choice for keeping your food airtight and fresh. They are chemical-resistant and are widely used for small to medium storage.

Lightweight and easy to carry, you can use these containers, suitable for storing both solid food and fluids, multiple times.


They come with distinguished lids, and sometimes with locks, which can be pressed down on one or both sides of the container.

They are usually made of acrylic or hard plastic, and can hold a range of food products from biscuits, candies to staple grains and spices.

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