Amp Up Style And Comfort With Neckband Earphones

Hassle-free, with better controls and impressive sound quality, neckband earphones make for a smart choice

Aindrisha Mitra Published Jul 8, 2020 20:22:31 IST
Amp Up Style And Comfort With Neckband Earphones Photo: Shutterstock

Plugging in a pair of earphones to receive calls or to listen to your favourite music track is no new thing. What’s new is wearing your earphones as a collar band, with no wires attached to your phone.

Neckband earphones spare you the hassle of fishing for them in your bag and then spending precious time untangling them before you can finally fit the jack into your phone. In fact, by the time you manage to finish this exercise, you may possibly want to tear your hair rather than listen to music!    

Neckband earphones are lightweight, with some options being water-resistant too.

Easy connectivity

A neckband earphone set connects to your smartphone directly via Bluetooth. Press the power button of the earphone, pair the device to your phone and you are good to go.

Sound quality

You think earphones score low when it comes to sound quality? Good-quality neckband earphones, however, come with a noise cancellation feature. If you are a music lover who doesn’t want ambient noise to spoil the experience for you, chances are, you will find neckband earphones up to the task.

Other features to consider

Since neckband earphones sit around your neck comfortably, there’s little chance of the device falling off your ears—a reason why many prefer it over completely wireless earbuds. Even if you are running, the device won’t move much, which makes it ideal for joggers.

Neckband earphones also offer you easy controls. As the band is right around your neck, you are likely to find it easier to reach the play and pause buttons compared to regular earphones.

Battery backup

Analyzed alongside the truly wireless varieties, it turns out neckband earphones run for longer hours on a single charge, with some models working for as long as 14-15 hours.  

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