A Whiff Of Beauty

The right fragrance not only makes your home more inviting, it also reduces stress, improves your mood and keeps mosquitoes and bugs at bay

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Mar 16, 2020 17:29:34 IST
A Whiff Of Beauty

In recent years, the home fragrance market has experienced a huge boom. As per research, the global home fragrance market closed at 7.2 billion dollars in the year 2018 and is estimated to reach 9.4 billion dollars by the year 2024.

Besides the sensory benefits of aromatherapy, the right fragrance can also help keep mosquitoes and bugs at bay, reduce stress and improve sleep, which enhances mental focus, improves your mood and overall well-being. While freshly cut flowers are an ever-popular choice, investing in home fragrances makes for good sense, quite literally. Here are the different kinds of home fragrance systems you can choose from.

Oil Diffuser

A popular pick both for its many health-related benefits and affordable price tags, an oil diffuser works on the simple principle of using heat to turn aromatic oil into vapour and dispersing it through the air. However, do exercise caution while choosing the oil, especially if you have any allergy or asthma. Available in beautiful glazed ceramic, brass and marble, in various handcrafted designs, they can add a bit of charm besides making your home smell delicious. If you have children and pets in the house and wish to avoid using a tea-light for your traditional diffuser, you can also opt for reed oil diffusers that make for safe and stylish tables additions.

Electric Diffusers

These diffusers allow you to control the amount of oil dispersed and the combination of oils you would like to use. Easy to use, they are available in contemporary and cool designs for modern homes. All you need is a little bit of water and the oil of your choice. When switched on, a small disc at the base of the ultrasonic oil diffuser vibrates at very high speed, disrupting the water and breaking the oil and water molecules in a way that they turn into vapour. This mist is then dispersed as a dramatic cloud of vapour.


Great for those looking for a delicate and light fragrance, potpourri can add a touch of visual appeal to your living spaces. Drop in your favourite dried flowers in an attractive cut-glass bowl and voila, you have an easy-do centre piece for your coffee table. You can also match it to your colour palate for that extra oomph. Refresh your potpourri from time to time by adding a few drops of essential oil.

Scented Candles

From just a utilitarian source of light, candles have evolved to become a decorative accent with many benefits. With their soft, warm glow, they symbolize celebration, soothe the senses, signify romance and add a touch of style to home interiors. Given the right scent, they can also make the room appealing in no time. Aromatherapy candles made using essential oils can have a therapeutic effect on the mind and body because of their mood lifting quality. As per research, they can even help those with digestive issues and those suffering from depression. Whether you choose cinnamon, peppermint, clove or a fruity one such as strawberry, aroma candles can go a long way in lifting your spirits.

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