A Checklist For New Homes

Every cheerful space needs these basic elements.

By Bushra Ahmed Updated: Oct 26, 2018 12:23:45 IST
A Checklist For New Homes IndiaPicture

In the hustle of everyday life, a house can be a sanctuary in a challenging, sometimes unforgiving, world. So whether you’re looking for a built space or making one from scratch, make sure it’s got these essentials:

Light and air

Builders in the city take shortcuts, especially when it comes to good ventilation and light. Lack of air circulation and sunlight is not only unhealthy but also throws the entire living area into gloom. But any space can be transformed with a bit of imagination. Get professional help to tear down a wall, join some rooms or create skylights and windows to fill your home with warm sunlight and cool breeze. A balcony space and neat windows can brighten interiors too.


Add serenity to your house by creating green spaces. A small apartment should not deter you from experimenting with shrubs, succulents and other perennial plants. Varieties such as money plants, Boston ferns and bamboo palms are natural air-purifiers, according to a NASA report. Lots of windows mean indoor plants get enough sunshine to thrive. Ensure balconies allow light and rainwater to reach your garden. It should also have a good drainage system.


With fast-changing seasons and temperature highs and lows, India’s climate can be tough on windows, doors and exteriors. Ensure you invest wisely in them, so your windows and doors are sturdy and well-protected through rain and heat. This not only contributes to a sense of security, but will ensure the outside of your home looks as good as the inside!

Room to store

Some tips for extra storage space: Use vertical spaces, get drawer and cabinet organizers and install hooks and knobs where possible. Also try furniture with built-in boxes or shelves.

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