5 Ways You Can Optimize Your Serving Tray-Set For Maximum Utility

This home accessory is versatile and multipurpose

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Sep 11, 2020 21:54:22 IST
5 Ways You Can Optimize Your Serving Tray-Set For Maximum Utility Photo: Shutterstock

If you scour through your kitchen cabinet, there’s little chance you will not come across a serving tray. And if you have guests at home, you are likely to first hurriedly search for a tray to serve tea, biscuits and other snacks to them.

This essential tableware comes in different shapes, sizes and designs. From teacups, soup and fruit bowls to dishes full of snacks and other edibles, a serving tray can carry it all, thereby saving you the trouble of making extra trips to the kitchen. For a less conventional use, you can consider using it to keep small sugar, salt, pepper, oil or vinegar containers at arm’s distance while cooking.

Opt for serving trays that complement your dishware and make for a fine display.

Different trays you can use

You can choose the material for the tray from a variety of options: wood, melamine, plastic, bone china, ceramic or glass. Make sure you don’t store your trays in a way that they fall off the shelf and get damaged.

Alternate uses

Here are some ways in which you can repurpose your tray set:

1. If you prefer having your breakfast on bed, there are high-functioning, giant trays to fulfil your wish. Toss some scrambled eggs, pancakes and a cup of coffee and load them onto a wooden tray for the perfect start.

2. A tray can also act as a good organizer for coffee table books and magazines scattered around. If your tray is sturdy enough, you can even stack your books and journals on it. It’s no surprise that these trays are often found hidden in the cupboards or display shelves where you keep your books.

Alternatively, you can use such trays to keep collectibles such as candle stands, marble balls, small curios or pottery pieces, among many other such things.

3. You can use serving trays for a minibar-like set-up by decking it with cocktail glasses and drinks of your choice. Little side dishes like lemon wedges, olives and cherries can also be kept on the tray for garnishing. You can also keep an assortment of cheese on the tray too, for good measure, and present it to guests in style.

4. Your dresser might need the help of trays to place your makeup kit, jewellery, combs and brushes. Use small dishes or jars to keep similar items together which can help you efficiently organize your space.

5. Need to plunk down things like wallets, sunglasses and keys? Place a tray near your house’s foyer. For bedtime reading, use a tray to place your specs, air-conditioner remotes and a bottle of water at arm’s length for extra convenience.

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