5 Things You Should Know About Tubeless Tyres

Tubeless tyres are relatively low on maintenance and last long compared to tubes

V. Kumara Swamy Updated: Oct 16, 2020 21:52:11 IST
5 Things You Should Know About Tubeless Tyres Photo: Shutterstock

Tyres are central to any car or bike’s performance. They play a major role in ensuring safety, optimum mileage and longevity of the vehicle. Tyres can be classified as tube or tubeless. They may look identical from the outside, but do not judge them by their looks.

While the tube variety has been around for a longer period, it is the tubeless version that is more popular now. Here are five things that you should know about tubeless tyres:

1. Both the tube and tubeless versions are pneumatic tyres, but unlike the tube, the tubeless tyre does not have a separate rubber tube inside it to hold the air under pressure. A chamber within the tubeless tyre holds the compressed air.

2. Since there is no separate tube inside the tyre, the tyre experiences less friction and, therefore, tends to be cooler even over long distances and, hence, lasts longer.

3. Tubeless tyres weigh less and help you save more on the fuel. The vehicle feels a lot lighter and you can handle it better.

4. You can use sealants in tubeless tyres. This means that minor punctures can be fixed immediately. You can travel without worrying about minor punctures putting a brake on your journey.

5. When a tube tyre gets punctured, your vehicle can become unstable due to immediate loss of air pressure. In a tubeless tyre, the loss of air pressure is gradual; you have enough time to drive to safety.

Tubeless tyres are a bit expensive compared to tubes, but going by the advantages they have, investing in them should not be a bad idea.

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