5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Sofa Set For Your Living Room

You can choose from a variety of options but some features are non-negotiable

Aindrisha Mitra Updated: Oct 16, 2020 21:53:12 IST
5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Sofa Set For Your Living Room Photo: Shutterstock

In the mood to just relax after a long day at work, or read a book over the weekend, or watch your favourite TV show with family at night? On a comfortable sofa set, you can do all this and more. A plush and elegant sofa can make your living room stand out. Here are five things you must consider when choosing one for your home:

1. When it comes to buying a sofa set, you should always check the measurements. A tiny sofa in a big room or a huge sofa in a small room is a recipe for disaster. While sizing up your room, also check the size of the door and the hallway—your dream sofa set should be able to pass through them to make it to your living room.

2. A sofa with storage space is always a bonus. Some sofa sets can double as convertible couch beds too.

3. The frame of the sofa can determine its life—a sofa set with a solid, sturdy frame is likely to last you many seasons. Hardwood will always score higher than particleboard.

4. A sofa should spell comfort and you need the right cushions to make it more inviting. You can choose between feather- and foam-filled cushions. Or, you can opt for a combination of the two; the result will be soft as well as firm cushions.

5. Finally, you want your sofa to look good and complement the decor of your living room. You can go for bright colours if your wall is done in a neutral shade. Choose the upholstery fabric that is easy to maintain and doesn’t fade in a month or two.


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