This Home-Cleaning Tool Is A Must For A Rainy Day

A spin mop can make cleaning the home a little less back-breaking for you

Mohini Mehrotra Updated: Jan 14, 2021 16:48:28 IST
This Home-Cleaning Tool Is A Must For A Rainy Day Image courtesy:

There are days when your domestic help is not around to assist you with daily household chores, like cleaning. While you can skip cleaning for a day or two, but you surely can’t put it off indefinitely, especially when keeping your home germ-free is more important than ever.

A spin mop can help you keep your home clean, without making you break into a sweat. A great floor-cleaning device, it comes in two parts—a twin bucket which carries the water and a spin mop with a long handle. A spin mop works well on all kinds of floors, whether wooden, tiled, marbled or textured, and allows you to clean floors without getting down on your hands and knees or having to touch dirty and unclean surfaces.

You can reach those tough-to-get-to, under-the-bed-type tricky spaces, and then simply wash and wring the mop in the bucket. All the dirty water gets accumulated in the container without any spillage and you can simply drain and wash it out.

Most mops last for up to two years, if handled properly. Also, most good brands have replacement mop heads available in the market.


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