If You Have Just Taken To Gardening, Here Are 5 Tools You Must Get

Gardening need not be all about sweat and grime. These five tools will make it easy for you

Mohini Mehrotra Published May 8, 2020 13:59:48 IST
If You Have Just Taken To Gardening, Here Are 5 Tools You Must Get Photo: Pixabay

There can be nothing better than connecting with nature, and gardening is a wonderful way to do so. It’s therapeutic, it’s a stress-buster and it’s also great for your home because plants add beauty to your rooms as well as keep them cool.  

If you’ve picked up this hobby lately, make sure you have the right tools for an enjoyable gardening experience. Here are five things you must have, no matter how big or small your green patch may be.

Gardening gloves

While getting your hands dirty may seem like a good idea initially, it can be bad news for your nails and hands. The mud is tough to remove once it enters the nail bed and this can lead to all sorts of germs entering your body through your hands.

Also, while gardening, thorns and splinters can scratch your hands. Buy a good pair of waterproof gloves that offer protection, while being comfortable to wear. Make sure your gloves are durable but not too bulky and fit you well. Go for one with a longer cuff that will protect your wrists and forearms.

Watering can

Watering cans are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Take your pick depending on the size of your balcony or garden and the watering needs. Also keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too heavy for you to carry.

The two most commonly available ones are either made of plastic or metal. Plastic ones are lighter as compared to the metal cans but the latter are more durable. It’s best to buy one with an adjustable nozzle with the option of a fine spray, which works better for delicate plants such as rose.

Hand trowel

A miniature version of a garden spade, a trowel is great for digging, transplanting, trenching and lifting soil. A trowel is a super-useful garden tool and can last you a lifetime if used and treated well. Go for one with a stainless-steel head as it won’t rust.

Garden fork

A garden fork is an efficient tool for scooping up mulch or turning compost piles. It is great for digging compacted, rocky or clay soil that is otherwise tough to dig. It helps loosen the soil and makes lifting and turning it easy to plant a sapling. Buy one with a steady grip.


Garden shears will help you trim your plants so that they stay in shape. While you may think of using a pair of scissors to do the job, but they are not as sharp as shears and may end up damaging the plant. Shears cut clean are therefore more effective for snipping thicker plant stems. It’s also a good idea to sharpen them every six months to keep them in working condition.

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