4 Simple Tips To Make Sure Your Rugs And Carpets Look Their Best Round The Year

With just a little care, your expensive rugs and carpets can last long and look luxurious

Mohini Mehrotra Published May 9, 2020 00:00:00 IST
4 Simple Tips To Make Sure Your Rugs And Carpets Look Their Best Round The Year Photo: Shutterstock

If you think rugs and carpets are only for the winter months, you can’t be more wrong. With most homes using air-conditioners through the summer and even monsoon months, it is now possible to flaunt your expensive weaves all through the year. However, this also means more wear and tear.

Here are tips to help you keep your summer dhurries, everyday rugs and heavy carpets in mint condition.

Dust often and vacuum once a week

Much like your furniture, make sure you dry dust your carpets, rugs and dhurries every alternate day. Use a carpet brush to remove the food pieces, dust, pet hair, etc. If possible, take the rug to an open outdoor space, turn it over, and beat it gently to get all the dirt out. At least once a week, use a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpets and rugs and remove the grime that can cause damage to your prized possession. Never vacuum the fringes of a rug as they may get tangled and torn off.

Rotate your carpet periodically

Like your mattress, your carpets too need to be rotated to avoid uneven wear and use marks. Switch the sides often so that your carpet doesn’t look dirty from one end. This also allows for uniform exposure to sunlight, which over a period of time can cause the colour to fade.

Tackle a spill immediately

Make sure you tackle a spill immediately to avoid permanent staining of the carpet. Scrape the dry stains out with a spoon, without damaging the fibre. Rather than rubbing the wet stains, which causes them to set deeply into the fibre, blot them with a cloth or tissue. Use a quality carpet/rug stain cleaning liquid or detergent to remove stubborn spills and stains, such as lipstick marks, wine and grease stains.

Your rugs, carpets need deep cleaning

Even if you are super-efficient and take utmost care of your rugs and carpets, they need deep cleaning so as to remove dirt and smaller particles that cause your carpet to wear out and lose its sheen. Get your carpets and rugs dry cleaned once a year.     

If you have small children and pets at home, then six months would be a better bet because carpets and rugs trap pet dander deep within the fibre, and with kids around, exposure to germs and muck hiding in your carpet could turn out to be a major health hazard. 

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